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What to expect from the shiatsu treatment?

The shiatsu treatment takes place at the floor level on a futon. It is possible to recieve shiatsu on a chair too, supported by the cushions if the client is unable to lie down.

Best to turn up in/with loose comfortable clothes. (e.g. jeans are not suitable)


Avoid coffee, alcohol and heavy meals before the treatment. 


The treatment takes usually 1 hour, the very first session might take 1 hour 15 min as it involves taking a detailed case history of client's actual state of health.



After the treatment the client might feel still deeply relaxed for a good 1/2 an hour. So it's advised to take it easy..

Please, drink a lot of water after the treatment to flush out the released toxins.

What happens during the treatment?

The shiatsu treatment is based on practitioner's sensitivity to one's energy levels at all the meridians, the organ's energetic pathways. Our vital energy runs around this system of pathways and for various reasons it could stop flow freely and get obstruct. According the initial health assessment, the client's current energy levels and the constitution the practitioner will use various techniques (e.g. stretching and loosening of joints and ligaments, rotations, palming, finger pressing, etc.) to smooth and rebalance the flow of the body energy.

The treatment usually leads to deep relaxation.

The treatment costs:


30 min treatment.....................£30

1 hour treatment......................£45

1.5 hour treatment...................£60


The very first session might take to 1 hour and 15 min for taking the detailed case history.


With (local) house calls I charge extra £ for the journey according the distance.  


I also offer gift certificates.

If unable to attend the arranged appointment, please, give kindly 48 hours notice or a fee may be charged.

"I had some treatment when I was pregnant and stressed running around after my toddler. It was like being taken to an island of calmness, getting my energy back that lasted for days!"​

Andrea Solomon




"I really look forward to and enjoy my Shiatsu sessions with Marie. I always leave feeling calm and very relaxed. I never want the session to end. Marie makes me feel very comfortable, gives me feedback during the session and changes her treatment according to what needs working on."

Rochelle Withey



"Thanks Marie for your great help during my pregnancy and after the birth of my baby! The hip and leg pain felt a lot more manageable after our sessions. Keep up the good work!"

Athanasia Nditoura



"I had a very relaxing shiatsu session with Marie. She is a warm, knowledgeable practitioner who is passionate about what she does. Can't wait for my next session."

Marianne Innocenti

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